Big girls can jump

It took me a while to learn how to jump, but now jumping is my second nature. I can even jump over 3-4 stairs at a time (I do this all the time in the lobby). My jumps remained undocumented until today, when I decided to jump from the bed and daddy decided to take pictures. I had to jump several times until daddy captured enough pictures of me in the air. Enjoy!

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Santa brought me a bike

I recently started being aware that a white-bearded man dressed in red (Santa) brings gifts to children on Christmas. Of course, I tried to narrow his choices for my gift to a purple-and-pink bike. My parents were worried because of practical issues, like how is Santa going to bring such a big item and how will it fit under the tree. I convinced them that Santa can break the bike and leave it under the tree in little pieces, then we can put it together. Anyway, they kept warning me that Santa is always watching and knows if I behave or not; that’s one of the reasons why I finished my food more often these days.

Now, guess what I found under the tree this morning when I woke up? A disassembled purple-and-pink bike! I knew Santa could do it! I also got a Duplo set from my parents, but the bike was way more interesting. Here is a set of pictures of me with my new bike:

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JC Penny photo session

I loved my Halloween costume so much that I wanted to wear it everywhere. But still I didn’t love it as much as my mommy. She loved it so much that she took me to the JC Penny portrait studio for a few professional pictures. Here are some of the best:

Since we were in the photo studio, we took a few Christmas pictures, too. Mommy had another dress available for me to wear, the studio had the background available, so here is what came out:

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Halloween 2013

Last year we went trick or treating at the mall. This year we changed the decor with the Patrick Henry Library. As soon as we entered the door, we were handed a piece of paper with the program for the night. First thing on the menu was a story time with a couple of scary Halloween stories. Then we went around the library to find a few characters: a witch, a mime, a scarecrow, a minion, and a puppeteer. Each of them stuffed my Halloween bag with goodies like stickers, pencils, and bookmarks (no candies, though). At this point the only thing left to do was finding a book about witches, one about large creatures, and one with a spider on the cover. Of course, we did good with this last challenge and we won a free book. From a large pile of books we chose Corduroy’s Halloween (because Corduroy is one of my favorite characters). Here are some pictures:

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After having breakfast in a crowded common room at the hotel, we drove to International Rose Test Garden, where we walked the paths surrounded by roses. We took lots of pictures of roses and some of people with roses. Here are some pictures from the first category:

Our next objective was the food truck square at 10th and Alder Street: we bought lunch and we ate it across the street in O’Bryant Square. This is where we met Kai and Maciah (my library friends from Richland Library now living in Vancouver, WA), who also brought their parents, Kristy and Josh. The adults washed down the food with coffee at Peet’s Coffee and Tea. We had a lot of fun there with an older gentleman who drew pictures for us. The last stop was in the Waterfront Park, where everybody played. Half the crew rented a surrey and rode it around the park, while those with little kids took care of their supervising duties.

We got very busy in the Waterfront Park, especially me and Kai. The pictures below show how we took my stroller up the stairs. If you think that’s easy, think again.

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Columbia Gorge

We started pretty early today and drove all the way to Columbia Gorge to see a couple of amazing waterfalls. There was a lot of traffic and parking spots were pretty hard to find, but we were lucky every once in a while, especially next to the most beautiful waterfalls. The first waterfall we saw was the Multnomah Falls, where we hiked all the way to the bridge. I wanted to hike more, but daddy was already tired from carrying me all the way. Here are a few pictures:

After this exhausting hike, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (generously provided by Roslyn) for lunch. Then we moved on to our next objective: Latourell Falls, where we stood so close to the waterfall that we got wet. On our way to Portland we stopped at the Vista House for a few pictures of the Columbia Gorge.

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My third birthday

This is (more than two weeks) earlier than my birthday, but there are a few reasons why we ended up celebrating it today. Khaleh Ziba wanted to celebrate Sara and Sina’s birthday in her backyard. To make sure the weather would cooperate, she decided to organize everything earlier rather than later. She graciously suggested that I would celebrate my birthday together with Sara and Sina to give mommy and daddy time to focus on our big move to the East Coast. The theme of our birthday was Mickey/Minnie Mouse and we all got to wear mouse ears during the party. Here are a few pictures of me partying as hard as I usually do:

Of course, we spent a lot of time taking group pictures:

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Riding ponies

Today I was invited to a cowboy themed birthday party: Jase (a friend of mine from the co-op class I attend at the Richland Community Center) is turning 2. There were some activities that real cowboys and cowgirls rarely get involved in, like playing in a bouncy house or playing in the sand. These were my favorite activities though and mommy had to convince me to try riding the ponies.

Here are a few pictures of me riding and petting real ponies. Of course, after these rides I happily got back to the sand and the bouncy house.

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Parna’s birthday

Parna celebrated her birthday more than one month after her actual birthday. No complains here: the weather is much nicer in May than in April and more appropriate for an outdoor party. Plus Parna’s father finished enclosing the yard with a fence, so it was safer for us (the kids) to play. We spent some time sticking stickers and gluing shapes on pieces of foam, then we played in the yard. Here are a few pictures of us.

The time came for my least favorite activity (eating). We ate kabob with rice and vegetables, then we had cake. Needless to say that my participation in these endeavors was (as usual) extremely limited.

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Fox in Socks puzzle

I can consider myself a fan of Dr. Seuss because I have so many of his books in my library. Who knew that there are more means to experience Dr. Seuss? Two weeks ago I got a 24-piece Fox in Socks puzzle as a gift from khaleh Kathy. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time trying to solve it. Daddy helped at the beginning by selecting for me only 8 puzzle pieces at a time, so I would have to put together only the left side (Knox in Box), the right side (Fox in Socks), or the middle (blocks, chicks, bricks and clocks) of the puzzle. It didn’t take long for me to become a pro at solving the whole puzzle; in fact I engage in this activity every day (sometimes several times a day) and I would dare to say that solving the puzzle is my favorite activity these days.

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