Chicago (the city)

It took us longer than expected to drive to Chicago because of a detour, which offered us the (I shouldn’t call it) opportunity to see parts of south Chicago. Let’s say just that it is not exactly what people who go visit Chicago would expect to see. A while later we were walking on the S Lake Shore Drive admiring Lake Michigan, the Grant Park and the skyscrapers. There was the biggest fountain I saw in my life: Buckingham Fountain. It is very interesting how people get all excited next to the large bean-like mirror known as Cloud Gate, but I must admit that we got pretty excited, too. We met Kaveh and Soheila and wondered around on Michigan Avenue until we reached the beach. After they left, we went up to the observation deck of Sears Tower right on time to see the city in the beautiful sunset light. Then we followed Wacker Drive along the Chicago River, which is very scenic after dark.

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This is part of our road trip from Washington, DC to Richland, WA: Three states | Chicago (the city) | Three more states | Mount Rushmore | Devils Tower | Yellowstone | Driving through Idaho

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