No need for a haystack to find needles

It may seem that we had put the highlights of our trip behind. For Canyonlands National Park we scheduled only one day, even though we knew that there was no way to visit all its three districts: Island in the Sky, Needles and Maze. For some not very clear reason, we decided for Needles, even though Island in the Sky appeared to be more popular. We knew we took the right decision after getting into the park and being told that Island in the Sky resembled a lot the Grand Canyon. Nevertheless, when we heard that we can see the Island in the Sky in the distance from the Slickrock Foot Trail, we decided to check it out.

The trail itself was not very interesting, but it taught us how to look for the piles of rock marking it. Since most of the trail was rocky, finding a different way to mark it would had been difficult. Walking on the rocks didn’t give us many opportunities to hide from the sun, but some friendly clouds helped a little. All along the way we noticed rock formations resembling mushrooms with white caps and red stems. We were walking on top of white rock, which erosion will eventually transform into the cap of other mushrooms. What we thought was Island in the Sky was very distant and we cannot claim we have an idea of how it really looked like.

Thinking that we were on our way to Elephant Hill, we ended up at the Confluence Overlook trailhead, where we just took a few pictures and moved on. Curiosity made us walk the Pothole Point Trail, which was a really bad decision. Finally we got close to the Elephant Hill, right at the Chesler Park trailhead, where we had lunch in a beautiful setting.

Unexpectedly, Chesler Park Trail was the most beautiful trail we’ve hiked during this vacation. Initially we were hoping to make it to the Joint Trail, but after reaching Chesler Park we realized that we risked spending the night somewhere on the trail if we wouldn’t return. This was such a beautiful place that we decided to come back and hike all the trails around Chesler Park. We got back from the trail when the sunset colors started to show up. We could only complain about the lack of a place that would take your breath away at sunset.

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This is part of our trip to several canyons: Bryce Canyon | Zion Canyon | Grand Canyon – South Rim | Grand Canyon – North Rim | Lake Powell | Needles District in Canyonlands | Arches | Bridges and Capitol Reef | Salt Lake City

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