Golden Gate Park

Our sightseeing tour tickets (valid for two days) helped us get to the Fishermans Wharf in the morning. We visited the Hyde St Pier without getting on any of the boats-museums, then continued the tour across the Golden Gate Bridge. It wasn’t foggy this time, but the sun chose to shine light at an extremely unfavorable angle. It appears that the best time to cross the Golden Gate Bridge is in the afternoon. Armed with this useless information, we went back to the hotel, picked up the car, and headed to the Golden Gate Park. Besides being huge, the park was very busy: it was close to impossible to find a parking spot. We spent a while on the north shore of the Stow Lake looking at the people who were enjoying their time in rented boats. We walked to the Japanese Tea Garden, then took off to see the campus of University of California at Berkeley.

We didn’t have driving directions nor a list of objectives, so I was ready to give up as soon as it got dark. However – mostly because Lida insisted – we eventually found the west entrance. A barrier stopped us after the first roundabout – probably an attempt to cut the access to people like us. We parked on the side of an alley, walked around for a few minutes, and now we can claim that we’ve been to Berkeley. Later in the evening we had dinner with Guanghong (a colleague from grad school), who lives in Fremont with his wife and his two cute little daughters.

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This is part of our Thanksgiving trip to San Francisco: Mount Shasta | Presidio | Golden Gate Park | Alcatraz

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