Maha’s birthday

Maha’s birthday

Because I got rid of my diarrhea, my parents decided it would be the right time to try again some solid food. From time to time they let me play with the spoon, so I get used to it and not reject it. Then they try all the tricks in the books (and more) to make me open my mouth long enough to get the spoon with food inside it. In the end I win because I decide when I had enough. As you can see from the pictures below, I get quite dirty during this process.

I can almost feed myself... ... but they only trust me with the empty spoon Sometimes I don't let them put the spoon into my mouth Their efforts to feed me solid food are quite amusing They finally gave up

After I ate, I played with my colorful ball and daddy took a bunch of pictures of me.

Look! I have a ball A closer look at the ball You are not going anywhere My basketball grip Everything is under control
My bowling grip That was funny A balancing act What's there? I can make faces

In the afternoon I went to Maha’s birthday, where I started in a very good mood. However, at some point I was overwhelmed and I cried a little.

Riding on daddy's shoulders Amu Mohammad holds me on his lap My friend Parna is on my left Happy Hajifathaliha family A smile for you
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