Hanging out with relatives

A few weeks ago (on May 18 to be precise) I traveled all the way to Tehran to meet and spend one month with my grandparents and khaleh Vida. My daddy joined us only yesterday because he did not have that much vacation available.

I can tell daddy is around again because I cannot move one centimeter without the camera flash going off in my face. He takes pictures of everything I do, whether I show off something I learned recently, I play with my toys, I carefully study objects around me, or I simply enjoy people’s company.

Trying to look as mature as possible Who said that a bib must stay around your neck? A ballerina pose Jumping is a sign of excitement This teether requires a widely opened mouth
I can point with both my index fingers at the same time I can feed myself and point at the same time Notice my hairstyle bearing khaleh Vida's signature Grandpa lets me play with his cellphone... ... which makes me really-really happy
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