Crawling like a Navy Seal

Because Navy Seals have got a lot of good press recently, I decided that a few of their techniques may help my early development. One of the most important techniques is crawling, which I started to practice for a couple of days now (more or less successfully). What people need to understand is that I am not going to crawl just for the sake of crawling: I need a worthy objective. A toy I can get whenever I want with no effort whatsoever does not qualify as worthy objective. I need something that I am not usually allowed to play with, for example a remote control. The pictures below illustrate a few techniques that I will soon master at an exceptional level.

Identifying the objective Pretending to be distracted by something else Pretending to be some sort of bird Warming up with a couple of push-ups: up, ... ... down, ...
... up again, ... ... down and refocusing on the objective Keeping a low profile while closing in on the objective Using rolling as a distracting technique In the middle of the rolling technique
Swiftly reaching the objective Securing the objective Another rolling procedure in search for cover Verifying the objective's authenticity Finding cover after one more rolling procedure
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