Standing up

Standing comes so easy now that I train a lot for it. For example, during the day I hang onto furniture or people and I get myself in a standing position. I get the best exercise when I refuse to sleep and keep standing up in my crib. My parents keep picking me up and laying me on my back – sometimes it feels like they are playing with me. But I get back on my feet in no time and I can go like this forever (ok, not forever, but once I kept mommy busy for an hour).

So, it should not come as a surprise that I get on my feet when I wake up in the morning. The first two pictures below show how my parents found me this morning. The blankets that cover the rails play two important roles: (1) they protect me in case I lose my balance and fall and (2) they protect the rails from my teeth (check out the third picture to see how I chew them).

This is how I greet my parents in the morning Oh, yeah, baby I am standing I am a little rabbit

After I ate and played a little, everybody got in the car to go to Walla-Walla (this is a city about one hour away from Richland). I slept pretty well in the car and I got up only after we got there. Besides the fact that we got there for the Sweet Onion Festival, we went to a bakery, a couple of pastry shops, a kitchen supply store, and a restaurant. Even though my parents’ friends are quite old, they are cool because they pay a lot of attention to me. We left right at the time when a thunderstorm was moving into Walla-Walla.

Trying on my mommy's sunglasses Talking to another baby With the American flag in the background Necklaces are tasty At the restaurant
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