Fluid dynamics revisited

I have observed fluid dynamics for a while now, I still consider it fascinating, and this is why I use every opportunity to study it more. I have frequent opportunities to get close to water:

  • after I eat and my face is a total (or partial) mess.
  • when I take a bath.
  • when I (ahem, excuse my french) poop. In these circumstances one of my parents washes my behind (and sometimes both of them get involved in this laborious task).

A set of basic fluid dynamics experiments is illustrated below. Since my face is clean and I am not getting ready for a bath, guess what’s in my diaper? If you are like “Ew, gross”, just don’t think about it while you look at the pictures.

Just imagine the phenomenological complexity You cannot catch the jet The water goes around your finger Wait, my experiment is not over yet Ok, I can continue the study with my foot
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