Waking up is a process

When my parents hear me in the morning, they never know where I am in this process. Sometimes I wake up and I start playing and talking to my toys (except when I have something really important to say and I talk to myself). Needless to say that this is my parents’ favorite, but I don’t want to spoil them too often. Most often I get up and I start nagging. When my parents come to my room they find me standing up and ready to go. Sometimes I partially wake up, I nag a little then I fall back asleep. When they come to my room they find me sleeping (and they probably wish they didn’t wake up). This is what happened today and you can see the entire waking up process in the pictures below.

Sleeping with my behind up in the air I am still half asleep Let's stretch a little It's time to get up You take pictures again? Where is my milk?
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