Strengthening my fine-motor skills while swinging

You may think that swinging is not an activity that can strengthen your fine-motor skills. However, my parents found a way to help me practice my fine-motor skills while I am swinging. Do you know the bark that covers the ground in some play yards? Well, my parents hold some wooden sticks in front of me while I am swinging. I find these sticks so interesting that I usually decide to investigate them. The pictures below show a sequence of events where mommy holds the stick that I snitch to study later.

See that stick in my mommy's hand? I am going to get it from her I got it

The fate of the stick after I snitch it is not that certain. Most of them end up being thrown away, but some are too interesting, so I must observe them carefully, talk to them or even taste them. The pictures below show me practicing with other sticks or just being cute while swinging.

Talking to the stick Mommy is offering another stick This is how you grab these sticks,... ... this is how you throw them away, ... ... and this is how you keep swinging.
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