This morning I was training for a triathlon consisting of: (1) crawling around the house (2) standing up (3) walking around the house. I successfully completed the first two challenges: I crawled under the table and I used my mommy’s hands as props to stand up. The latter was a fine choice because her hands are also great props for walking. When I was about to start walking, I realized that I was stuck. Every time my feet were moving forward, my head would bump against the side of the table. It took me a while to realize that I must bend my knees to get out, but I finally did it. I must acknowledge my parents, who were very helpful during my struggle. I thank mommy for putting her hands around my head to minimize the interaction between my head and the table and my daddy for taking pictures and trying not to laugh out loud.

Houston, we have a problem My head hurts... ... every time I try to move forward Bending my knees saved the day I am finally out
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