The first stop on our road trip was in Sibiu, where we only had a few hours to eat and explore the city. Here are a few pictures with people who joined me in this adventure.

First of all we stopped to eat something at a restaurant on Balcescu Blvd. This is where I tried very hard to put caps back on the corresponding water bottles. Based on the number of pictures only, this activity must have been the most memorable during the day.

After we ate, I played with the birds in the Large Square, then we crossed into the Small Square to cross the Liars Bridge. The bridge is supposed to collapse when a liar crosses over. It looks like nobody in our party ever lied because the bridge was just fine after we crossed it. Later I relaxed to the point where I fell asleep while everybody else was having goodies at a cafe back on Balcescu Blvd. Here are a few pictures:

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