I can walk

By myself. Really. And if you don’t believe me, the pictures below show me in action. You may say that some hands were still providing me some support, but I swear I didn’t use them. My mommy was affraid that I may fall and was over protective. She was totally wrong: I walked almost half of the hallway before I decided to sit down for a little while.

Now it is very easy for me to keep my parents amused by simply walking from one to the other. They sit on the carpet, tell me where to go and cheer me while I walk and when I get to my destination. It is quite pathetic how happy they get for pretty much nothing.

This new degree of freedom will be very usefull in my quest to discover how things work in this world. I don’t need any more help from anybody to roam around. Except when things don’t work exactly as expected. For example, due to lack of training, I fall quite frequently. Some of these falls are inconsequential: I get back up on my feet and keep going. But some of them are pretty nasty and I end up crying. This is when I need somebody to pick me up and console me. But – other than that – nothing can stay in my way.

This is the beginning of the journey Still going strong
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