Sitting is so overrated

Climbing has become the national sport around here. So far I climbed inside my toy basket and on top of a toy table to name just a few documented examples. My latest objective was a chair that my parents bought a couple of days ago. It is quite a cute and colorful chair, which may remind people about those pencils with erasers at one end. The chair came with a little table that has a similar look.

My parents thought that I might enjoy sitting on the chair and – maybe – play with my toys on the table. Wrong. Who would sit on a chair when is so much more fun to climb on it? I kept climbing on the chair for two days now until my parents took it away from me. This decision proved once again that my parents would rather conveniently pretend to ensure a safe environment instead of providing constant supervision and on-demand support for all my endeavors. What kind of parenting is this?

Nobody can stop me now I will put my left foot on the chair Now I will lift my right foot I am up on the chair Look: no hands!
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