Walking in my daddy’s shoes

People say that if you want to see somebody else’s perspective on things you have to walk in their shoes. Well, that’s exactly what I did today. Because I don’t have easy access to my daddy’s shoes, I decided that walking in his slippers should be equally good. I put on one of my daddy’s slippers all by myself, then I walked around the house. What I realized is scarry: daddy’s perspective on things is exactly like that of a 15-month old toddler. It’s either that or I have to put on both slippers. Or maybe walking in somebody’s slippers does not work as well as walking in his shoes. I don’t know – I will have to test these hypotheses at some point.

This is one of my daddy's slippers I will put it on my foot Here we go Now I will walk around the house I made it pretty far

The next two pictures show that I got as far as my room with daddy’s slipper on and I also tested alternative ways of wearing slippers. The rest of the pictures are related to another word I started saying recently: “shoe”. If somebody asks me where is (are) the shoe(s), I quickly point to one of those things that people put on their feet. I can even recognize them in books. However, his is one of the words that I whisper more than say with confidence. Isn’t it confusing that people have so many different ways of saying shoes (like shoes, boots, slippers, sneakers, etc)?

I got as far as my room Alternative way of wearing slippers (patent pending) That's a shoe Daddy asked me to get these shoes I recognize shoes in books
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