Merry Christmas

Today I had a lot of fun watching my parents try to take pictures of me with our Christmas tree. They were hoping that I would stand in front of the tree as long as they needed to take pictures. Their hopes were crushed. Immediately after being startegically placed in front of the tree, I would start wandering around to mess with their pictures. To make things even more amusing, we had a party to go to and we were pressed by time.

The party was very similar to other parties we have been to. We played with whatever toys were available, trying to disregard the attention we were getting from the grown-ups. I went again through the pains of eating food, instead of being allowed to happily chew on the toys. Christmas parties are awesome for us (the kids), not only because we play with our friends, but we also get a bunch of gifts.

This is me with my Christmas tree My parents wanted to be in the picture, too At the Christmas party With the other kids Sara plays with one of my gifts
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