I can put my hat on

One of my assignments as a baby is learning how to put a hat on. Wearing a hat is easy as long as I want it on my head: if I don’t want it, I take it off right away. For a while now I am able to put on my head things resembling hats if they are made of harder materials. Here is just another example of me using a cylindrical container as a hat.

This is another type of hat... ... that I keep putting on This is my favorite pose with this hat Time to take the hat off,... which is more difficult than it looks

Practice showed that the real hats – made of cloth – are a little bit more difficult to handle. But not anymore: the pictures below demonstrate that I am able to put my doll’s hat on my head.

This is my doll's hat... ... and I am going to put it on One ear is covered I am ready to go Better look after minor adjustments
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