I say “done”

Scooping the food was out of the scope of the first tutorial on how to use a spoon. Well, it’s time to fill in that gap and show you that scooping the food is not that difficult after all (see the first three pictures below). I’ve been practicing for quite a while now and I think I got it. Including the delivery of food (in this case egg with avocado) to the mouth, which also took an interesting turn of the spoon. I was literally turning the spoon upside down before putting it into my mouth and my bib used to collect a lot of the food that was not sticking to the spoon.

I also noticed that my parents fulfill my orders while I am eating. I can request cheese or – as shown in the fourth picture – something to drink. Needless to say that I got water within seconds. There is something else I learned in the last few days. When full after a good meal, I used to become a little impatient and refused to eat anymore. In these conditions my parents would ask me “Are you done?”, so I figured that I can tell them myself “Done” when I was done eating. While saying “Done” I also push the tray away from me to signal that I want out of the high-chair (see the fifth picture).

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