Brushing my teeth

Daddy learned how to brush my teeth during my first visit to the dentist. Since then, we brush my teeth twice every day, once in the morning and once in the evening before bed. Brushing my teeth began as a struggle, then became more or less a routine. Even though (or maybe especially because) I know what to expect, I still complain from time to time. As the time passed, I kept taking more and more responsibilities. For example, now I am in charge of taking the brush from the cup, getting it wet, and doing the brushing.

This is when I sense a certain level of mistrust: right after I finish, daddy takes over for what he calls finishing touches. Why would he brush my teeth right after I brush? Consequently, I am rarely cooperative in this step. As a result, we end up on the floor in my room, where I lay on my back in his lap and he (eventually) finishes brushing my teeth. This process became less of a strugle after mommy showed me that Elmo enjoys having his teeth brushed. And sometimes I get to brush Elmo’s teeth before daddy brushes mine.

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