How to operate drag toys

I have been operating drag toys on and off for a while now; however, today I spent quite some time dragging one of them around the house. The toy was a wooden bear who holds its hands on the front wheels. Because the front wheels are mounted off-center, the hands move up-and-down as you drag the bear around the house. You should not be afraid of operating drag toys because it is very easy: you simply get the string and pull it – the toy will follow. Minor problems could occur: for example the string may get stuck around a wheel (especially when you turn around to change the direction). In many cases you can still drag the toy. If it bothers you that the wheel does not turn, you find a grown-up and explain the problem by pointing at the toy. They have a gift of figuring out what went wrong and can fix it for you. The toy may also tip over – this is something you shouldn’t need any help because it is easy to flip the toy back on its wheels. For some reason my toy tipped over quite frequently today. Do you think that daddy would tip the toy over just to get some pictures of me trying to flip it back on its wheels?

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