I say “fog”

It has been foggy around here every night for a couple of days now. You may ask how does a little baby like me knows anything about fog. Long story short: I do my best to go to bed later than my parents would want me to. To achieve this goal I keep asking them for different things (the most frequent ones are “mnah-mnah” and “moon”). Because my parents have no clue what my strategy is, they bring me water or take me to the window to stare at the moon. These days it was pretty difficult to see the moon because of what daddy called “fog”. Sometimes I mistakenly call it “flog”, but most of the time I get it right.

This morning I kept pointing outside while saying “nou” until daddy took me out of the house. He clarified that we were actually seeing frost, which was a result of the fog, but I am not that much into semantics. Even though the fog is not clearly visible in the pictures below (it was not as dense as in the previous nights), it was still foggy enough. For example, I saw the sun through the fog, I pointed at it and I said “moon”. And believe me, I know my moon pretty well.

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