I say “book”

I have been saying “book” for more than two months now. I love regular books because the pages break easily with extremely enjoyable noise. I have a few regular books, but I rarely get enough time alone with them to thoroughly enjoy their easy page-breaking feature. I also have board books. The best ones are the small ones that I give my parents to read for me all the time. I practically know every line of every story in each of my 24 small board books, but I like to hear them over and over again. Then there are the interactive books with features like touch-and-feel, lift-the-flap or push-pull-turn. Today it was my 17-month birthday and I got another interactive book titled Poke-a-Dot Old MacDonald’s Farm. Apparently you could learn how to count by singing the Old MacDonald song and poking dots. Even though I don’t really sing and I can only count up to three, poking those dots was a lot of fun.

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