I am sorting

I got this shape sorter pretty early, even though it was recommended for kids older than 2 years of age. Here is how my relationship with this sorter evolved:

  • At the beginning I had no clue what to do with it.
  • Standing inside and to climbing on top of the box were at the top of my agenda.
  • Those shapes refused to fit through the holes even when my parents would show me the matching holes.
  • I was able to push any shape inside the box if my parents were holding the shape in front of the matching hole.
  • I eventually learned that it helps wiggling the shape in front of the hole.
  • Some shapes are confusing and I still try to fit them through the wrong holes.
  • After I select a shape somebody must quickly turn the box with the matching hole on top.
  • I know the names of most of the shapes. My favorites are the octogon, the hexagon and the pentagon in that order.
  • Sometimes I prefer stacking the shapes instead of sorting them.
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