I sing the whole ABC song

Today is the one month anniversary of the day when I started singing the ABC song (not bad for a 17 month-old baby, right?). I started by skipping a few letters and mumbling others, but I eventually learned the whole thing. You may wonder how was that even possible?

The pictures below show me playing with my musical table, which is one of the reasons why I learned the song so early (another reason can be tracked back to the games I played with my parents). Among the many noise-producing devices, the table has a train track (see where I am pointing in the third picture), where all the letters from A to Z are lined up. This is where my parents point to the corresponding letters while the musical table sings the song. And this is where I randomly point at letters while the musical table sings the song.

I must add that a little locomotive can go around the tracks, but it was not present for the pictures. I know: mediocre picture-taking planning, as usual. Those curious to see my locomotive, can still see it here.

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