Palouse Falls

Today I noticed a change in my daily routine: instead of going to bed after lunch, my parents buckled me in the car seat. I took my nap while they were driving and I woke up only after we made it to the Palouse Falls. We stared at the falls from the view point only for a few minutes, then we started hiking. We went all the way to the left until we could not see the falls anymore. The only significant elevation change during our hike happened at the train tracks: we hiked down into the canyon close to the same level as the water at the top of the falls. It didn’t take long before we reached a big stone, where we rested. There is a trail going down to the base of the falls, but that was outside the scope of this trip. Here are some pictures of us during the hike:

Remember the big stone where we rested in pictures above? Try to find it in the pictures of the waterfall below:

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