The pools

We spent quite a while in the pools, so dedicating one post to them seems appropriate. The resort has two pools: a “quiet” pool and an “activity” pool. We started at the quiet pool because it was closer to our room, but we also spent time in the activity pool. Going up-and-down the stairs is one of my favorite activities, so guess what I did as soon as I discovered stairs going in the pool?

While daddy was taking these pictures, mommy was right next to me making sure that I don’t fall (she even helped me float in the water). Here are some more activities supervised by mommy:

Daddy was more involved in other types of activities, like jumping in the water and taking me to the deeper side of the pools. Here you can see him in action:

Toys were an important part of the pool experience. I made friends who had different (and more interesting) toys than mine and (luckily), they were willing to share. Here I am playing in the quiet pool

Here are a few pictures of me playing with my toys in the activity pool:

And just a few more random pictures:

This is part of our trip to Mexico: Welcome to Gran Bahia Principe Coba | The pools | At the beach | Tulum | Chichen Itza | Gran Bahia Principe in the dark | Coba | Kids’ club

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