JC Penny photo session

I loved my Halloween costume so much that I wanted to wear it everywhere. But still I didn’t love it as much as my mommy. She loved it so much that she took me to the JC Penny portrait studio for a few professional pictures. Here are some of the best:

Since we were in the photo studio, we took a few Christmas pictures, too. Mommy had another dress available for me to wear, the studio had the background available, so here is what came out:

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Halloween 2013

Last year we went trick or treating at the mall. This year we changed the decor with the Patrick Henry Library. As soon as we entered the door, we were handed a piece of paper with the program for the night. First thing on the menu was a story time with a couple of scary Halloween stories. Then we went around the library to find a few characters: a witch, a mime, a scarecrow, a minion, and a puppeteer. Each of them stuffed my Halloween bag with goodies like stickers, pencils, and bookmarks (no candies, though). At this point the only thing left to do was finding a book about witches, one about large creatures, and one with a spider on the cover. Of course, we did good with this last challenge and we won a free book. From a large pile of books we chose Corduroy’s Halloween (because Corduroy is one of my favorite characters). Here are some pictures:

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Trick or treat 2012

The Halloween is not over just because we had a party: the most important is to go trick-or-treating. Because I was still a little sick, my parents took me to the mall instead of letting me go around the neighborhood. But that was not all: after we came back from the mall, I distributed candies to other kids who stopped by our house to trick-or treat. Here are a few pictures from the mall:

Preparations for Halloween started a while ago. At the beginning of the week I started wearing my Halloween pajama (see the first picture below). You may remember that we went to Country Mercantile to get pumpkins; well, they got carved during the weekend. The pumpkins were still going strong during the actual Halloween, as one can see from the following pictures.

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Halloween Party 2012

This morning I woke up with a runny nose and I was not in my best mood. That didn’t stop us from going to a party with a bunch of other characters (see the pictures below).

As you may have noticed, I had an Eskimo costume. You may think that I kept my hat on during the party, but the pictures are misleading. That hat was on my head for less than five minutes during the entire party. Besides the usual hanging out and eating all sorts of goodies, we had a good time dancing on “I like 2 move it”.

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My Halloween costume

This year I will be a monkey for Halloween. The monkey costume is great except that it is a bit large for me and my feet keep coming out of the socks. I put it to the test in a comedy club, where my daddy’s colleagues organized a pre-Halloween party. There were some other kids there, but who cares about other kids when you can continuously go up and down the stage?

I will be a monkey this Halloween This monkey likes to lay on her back Here I am with my hoodie on Monkeys like bananas Trying to get on the stage

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My first Halloween

It appears that people dress up in funny clothes on this particular day of the year. My parents dressed me up as a pea in the pod in a very hot and uncomfortable costume. I was a good baby and I didn’t complain even though I was sweating a lot. We ended up at a Halloween party with a bunch of caracters: zombies, prisoners, witches, a fairy, a gymnast, a rock star, a hippie and an incredible boy.

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Carving a pumpkin

A colleague of mine, Chris Sorensen, invited us to her place to help us properly prepare for Halloween. She planted a bunch of pumpkins in her garden and had one ready to carve for everybody. It was really fun and we got to keep the product of our work. It’s a shame that the pumpkin dried and we noticed to late to take a picture of it at night with a candle inside. We had to throw it away before Halloween, but it was cute, wasn’t it?

Photos: 1 2 3 4

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