Riding ponies

Today I was invited to a cowboy themed birthday party: Jase (a friend of mine from the co-op class I attend at the Richland Community Center) is turning 2. There were some activities that real cowboys and cowgirls rarely get involved in, like playing in a bouncy house or playing in the sand. These were my favorite activities though and mommy had to convince me to try riding the ponies.

Here are a few pictures of me riding and petting real ponies. Of course, after these rides I happily got back to the sand and the bouncy house.

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Feet up!

The high chair has been a source of fun ever since I started climbing on it. The trick I will demonstrate today involves a little bit more body balance and control than previous tricks. The pictures below show how easy I get on my high chair now. Once I get there, I hold tight the hand rests and I pull my feet up. Sometimes I can hold the position for several seconds. I turn red and I breath heavily, but it is so much fun that it’s worth it.

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I can climb on the couch

I cannot do it all by myself, but if I get a little help (for example my mommy’s leg strategically placed next to the couch), I get to a more manageable height. Once I get one of my knees on the couch, the other one follows very quickly. After that I am on the couch for all practical purposes and I can focus on other activities.

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I say “high chair”

I started saying “high chair” a long time ago and I pronounce it like ‘hai che’. I definitely know what the expression means: if anybody asks me where the high chair is, I point into the right direction. I even go to the high chair to eat my meals every time mommy or daddy ask. Usually I need help to get on the high chair because it is quite tall for me. But my high chair can be lowered, so I can actually climb in it myself. Since I have already established a reputation as a climber, I have the feeling that the pictures below will not surprise anybody.

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Climbing on the step stool

Even though I can safely climb on our step stool without any help, my parents hide it from me all the time. This is one more of those instances where they sacrifice my happiness in the name of safety. I personally don’t care much about their worries and I try to climb on the step stool every time it gets into my line of sight. Most of the time my parents let me reach the top because I would complain if they didn’t. They are so ridiculously cautious when they let me climb while keeping their hands close enough to catch me in case I would fall. Even though my record is spotless so far (no falls), they still hesitate when it comes to letting me climb on the step stool. Anyway, once I made it on top of it before they even noticed what I was doing (and it felt like Christmas).

Today daddy let me go on top of the step stool several times and he even stepped back to take some pictures of me in action. I am so proud of him because he is so courageous.

Left foot on the first step Change in plans: right foot first Made it to the base camp Going for the summit On top of the world

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More chair climbing

A few days ago I was complaining that my parents took my chair away. That did stop me from climbing on my chair, but didn’t stop me from climbing on other chairs. I figured that my parents can take away my chair, but they cannot hide all the chairs in the house. It’s like in that song where you can take everything that a guy owns, but you cannot take away his freedom.

After a short surveillance of the chairs still available for climbing, I chose one in the office. I should mention that I climbed on this chair before; however, my efforts were not properly documented until today. The procedure is very similar to what I demonstrated previously, with the exception that – due to the hight of the chair – there is an intermediate step. I climbed up and down the chair several times to give plenty of opportunities to put together this tutorial:

Lift your left foot Conquering the intermediate step Place your left foot on the chair Get your right foot on the chair Now you can stand up on the chair
The intermediate step is irrelevant when you get off the chair

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Sitting is so overrated

Climbing has become the national sport around here. So far I climbed inside my toy basket and on top of a toy table to name just a few documented examples. My latest objective was a chair that my parents bought a couple of days ago. It is quite a cute and colorful chair, which may remind people about those pencils with erasers at one end. The chair came with a little table that has a similar look.

My parents thought that I might enjoy sitting on the chair and – maybe – play with my toys on the table. Wrong. Who would sit on a chair when is so much more fun to climb on it? I kept climbing on the chair for two days now until my parents took it away from me. This decision proved once again that my parents would rather conveniently pretend to ensure a safe environment instead of providing constant supervision and on-demand support for all my endeavors. What kind of parenting is this?

Nobody can stop me now I will put my left foot on the chair Now I will lift my right foot I am up on the chair Look: no hands!

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Getting out of the toy basket

Climbing inside my toy basket is easy-peasy. Getting out of the toy basket is a little more complicated because I can’t always find secure three-point support for three out of my four limbs. Most of the time I can request help from somebody to get out of the toy basket, but every once in a while I try to do it myself. Here is one of these cases, where you can see what struggle I have to go through. It’s almost not worth getting out of the toy basket.

One foot is out Getting the other one out is more of a challenge It is very easy to lose your balance It may be confusing... ... but it is all good after crying a little

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A few days ago I started climbing inside my toy basket and I keep practicing my new skill every day. Today I was thinking to bring it up a notch and climb on something more challenging: for example my musical table. I first climbed on this same table yesterday, but daddy didn’t have his camera ready. Below is a ste-by-step tutorial on how to climb on the table, followed by a warning that you may fall. Don’t worry about my fall, I was fine, really. Actually, after I fell, I got back on my feet and climbed up and down a couple of times.

I must insert a disclaimer here, stating that you babies out there who read this blog and try to repeat what I am doing, do so at your own risk. Before you attempt climbing on anything, ask your parents if it is wise to do so.

Put one knee on the table Lift the other foot Victorious You may lose your balance... ... and fall all the way down

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Taking over the toy basket

Since most toys are pretty much useless, I decided to find a better use for my cute red toy basket (which you may remember from a different post). Today I explored one of many possibilities, which is climbing in and out of it. My parents really thought that I would end up falling and hurting myself during this exercise. My daddy made sure that I was in full control before he started documenting the process. Check out the pictures below for step-by-step instructions on getting into your toy basket.

Carefully approach the basket Bend down and grab the sides Lift one of your feet Place the foot inside Redistribute your weight
Get your other foot inside Now you can sit down and relax... ... after you empty the basket

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