My third birthday

This is (more than two weeks) earlier than my birthday, but there are a few reasons why we ended up celebrating it today. Khaleh Ziba wanted to celebrate Sara and Sina’s birthday in her backyard. To make sure the weather would cooperate, she decided to organize everything earlier rather than later. She graciously suggested that I would celebrate my birthday together with Sara and Sina to give mommy and daddy time to focus on our big move to the East Coast. The theme of our birthday was Mickey/Minnie Mouse and we all got to wear mouse ears during the party. Here are a few pictures of me partying as hard as I usually do:

Of course, we spent a lot of time taking group pictures:

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Dance Connection observation week

You may remember that I take dance lessons. The week when parents are allowed inside the dance studio to see the progress of their children is called the observation week. Unfortunately my parents could not observe me with my class because I was sick that Tuesday. However, by the end of the week (on Friday) I felt much better and I got to make up the lost class with the older kids. Below are a few pictures of me trying to do whatever the older kids learned during this semester.

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My ballerina outfit

Daddy found a few dance studios in the area after a little bit of research (mostly Internet search). Only two of them accept kids younger than 3 and only Dance Connection has a class after 5:00 PM. A week ago we went there to find out more about the place and for my first dance class. Today was my second class and daddy took these pictures of me dressed and posing like a ballerina.

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