After having breakfast in a crowded common room at the hotel, we drove to International Rose Test Garden, where we walked the paths surrounded by roses. We took lots of pictures of roses and some of people with roses. Here are some pictures from the first category:

Our next objective was the food truck square at 10th and Alder Street: we bought lunch and we ate it across the street in O’Bryant Square. This is where we met Kai and Maciah (my library friends from Richland Library now living in Vancouver, WA), who also brought their parents, Kristy and Josh. The adults washed down the food with coffee at Peet’s Coffee and Tea. We had a lot of fun there with an older gentleman who drew pictures for us. The last stop was in the Waterfront Park, where everybody played. Half the crew rented a surrey and rode it around the park, while those with little kids took care of their supervising duties.

We got very busy in the Waterfront Park, especially me and Kai. The pictures below show how we took my stroller up the stairs. If you think that’s easy, think again.

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Riding ponies

Today I was invited to a cowboy themed birthday party: Jase (a friend of mine from the co-op class I attend at the Richland Community Center) is turning 2. There were some activities that real cowboys and cowgirls rarely get involved in, like playing in a bouncy house or playing in the sand. These were my favorite activities though and mommy had to convince me to try riding the ponies.

Here are a few pictures of me riding and petting real ponies. Of course, after these rides I happily got back to the sand and the bouncy house.

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Parna’s birthday

Parna celebrated her birthday more than one month after her actual birthday. No complains here: the weather is much nicer in May than in April and more appropriate for an outdoor party. Plus Parna’s father finished enclosing the yard with a fence, so it was safer for us (the kids) to play. We spent some time sticking stickers and gluing shapes on pieces of foam, then we played in the yard. Here are a few pictures of us.

The time came for my least favorite activity (eating). We ate kabob with rice and vegetables, then we had cake. Needless to say that my participation in these endeavors was (as usual) extremely limited.

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The White Pass Winter Carnival

To compensate for the lack of snow around here (we only saw it once this winter and it was gone the next day), my parents took me to White Pass. Parna, Maha, Frough and Mohammad joined us for a two-hour drive split by a lunch break. Not only we saw a lot of snow, but also a big castle. Although originally made of snow, the castle had turned into an ice castle (it was very slippery everywhere one could set foot). We played about 30 minutes around the castle, then we retired inside the cabin to drink tea and eat cookies. By the time they were getting ready to close the cabin, we got out once more to slide down the hill, then we drove back home.

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Putting puzzles together

It’s been a few months now since khaleh Kathy gave me a set of 2-piece puzzles and it took me a while to figure out what to do with them. At the beginning daddy made it easier for me to solve the puzzles: he used to give me only two matching halves and let me struggle with the matching mechanics. In the next phase, daddy used to give me four halves, making sure that the matching pieces were easy to identify because of the their background color. Eventually I became pretty good at this game: nowadays we spread half of the pieces on the coffee table, then I find the match for whatever other piece I pick from a pile. Below is a set of pictures showing me in the process.

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Kids’ Club

The resort has a club with all sort of activities planned for the little ones. We only took advantage of it twice during the last days we were there. Actually, the last thing we did after we finished packing our luggage and before leaving the resort was to drop by the kids’ club one more time. The pictures below show me involved in some art work that was going on at the time.

There were other ways kids could have fun at the club. There were toys, beds (not for me, for the sleepyheads) and they even had a playground outside. The pictures below show me playing at this playground.

This is part of our trip to Mexico: Welcome to Gran Bahia Principe Coba | The pools | At the beach | Tulum | Chichen Itza | Gran Bahia Principe in the dark | Coba | Kids’ club

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Who wants to sit on letter A?

It has been a while since I learned the alphabet song. However, knowing the song does not necessarily mean that I know the individual letters in the alphabet. Indeed, I point at letters rather randomly while I sing it. My parents decided to teach me one letter at a time using an arsenal composed of:

  • Blocks
  • Magnetic letters
  • Alphabet books
  • A foam floor puzzle

Here I am using the floor puzzle and playing “sitting on letters”. The game goes like this: (1) my toys tell daddy which letters they would like to sit on, (2) daddy tells me, and (3) I fulfill their wishes one letter at a time. Here are a few pictures to illustrate what I just said:

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My new barn

Today I got a new barn toy, which is way more than just a place to keep my toy animals that came with it. I can open the door, place the animals inside (or take them out), then close the door. Each animal stands on a different shape, which can be sorted in front of the door. It also has a letter sorter (for the first four letters of the alphabet) on the roof. To aid the sorting, the colors of the shapes and the letters match those of the sorter holes. But wait, there’s more: spinning birds, tumbler on the right side of the barn and a clock on the left side. This is going to be a lot of fun!

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I say “happy”

Ok, where shall we start? Right after I woke up (and ate, of course), daddy put together the walker I got for my birthday. As one can notice in the pictures below, a symbiotic relationship seems to evolve here.

Then my aunt Roslyn came to see us before we take off to Romania. It was very nice of her to bring me a birthday gift. The pictures below show me playing with my new Whirl ‘n Tumble Elephant.

Now let’s finally get to the title of this post. Who wouldn’t be happy to get so many cool toys to play with? I know I am. And I even say it. Well, I just respond “hap” every time mommy or daddy ask me whether I am happy. This is my first word ever!

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I am nine-month old

Maman-bozorg, baba-bozorg, and khaleh Vida will not be with me when I turn one (three months from now). This is why they decided to celebrate my nine-month birthday with cake and gifts. Here are a few pictures with family and cake.

After all those formal pictures, we started opening gifts. Khaleh Vida gave me a house that makes all kind of noises, plus some people around the house who introduce themselves. From maman-bozorg and baba-bozorg I got this musical table that also makes all kind of noises and plays different songs.

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