After having breakfast in a crowded common room at the hotel, we drove to International Rose Test Garden, where we walked the paths surrounded by roses. We took lots of pictures of roses and some of people with roses. Here are some pictures from the first category:

Our next objective was the food truck square at 10th and Alder Street: we bought lunch and we ate it across the street in O’Bryant Square. This is where we met Kai and Maciah (my library friends from Richland Library now living in Vancouver, WA), who also brought their parents, Kristy and Josh. The adults washed down the food with coffee at Peet’s Coffee and Tea. We had a lot of fun there with an older gentleman who drew pictures for us. The last stop was in the Waterfront Park, where everybody played. Half the crew rented a surrey and rode it around the park, while those with little kids took care of their supervising duties.

We got very busy in the Waterfront Park, especially me and Kai. The pictures below show how we took my stroller up the stairs. If you think that’s easy, think again.

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Columbia Gorge

We started pretty early today and drove all the way to Columbia Gorge to see a couple of amazing waterfalls. There was a lot of traffic and parking spots were pretty hard to find, but we were lucky every once in a while, especially next to the most beautiful waterfalls. The first waterfall we saw was the Multnomah Falls, where we hiked all the way to the bridge. I wanted to hike more, but daddy was already tired from carrying me all the way. Here are a few pictures:

After this exhausting hike, we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches (generously provided by Roslyn) for lunch. Then we moved on to our next objective: Latourell Falls, where we stood so close to the waterfall that we got wet. On our way to Portland we stopped at the Vista House for a few pictures of the Columbia Gorge.

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My third birthday

This is (more than two weeks) earlier than my birthday, but there are a few reasons why we ended up celebrating it today. Khaleh Ziba wanted to celebrate Sara and Sina’s birthday in her backyard. To make sure the weather would cooperate, she decided to organize everything earlier rather than later. She graciously suggested that I would celebrate my birthday together with Sara and Sina to give mommy and daddy time to focus on our big move to the East Coast. The theme of our birthday was Mickey/Minnie Mouse and we all got to wear mouse ears during the party. Here are a few pictures of me partying as hard as I usually do:

Of course, we spent a lot of time taking group pictures:

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Parna’s birthday

Parna celebrated her birthday more than one month after her actual birthday. No complains here: the weather is much nicer in May than in April and more appropriate for an outdoor party. Plus Parna’s father finished enclosing the yard with a fence, so it was safer for us (the kids) to play. We spent some time sticking stickers and gluing shapes on pieces of foam, then we played in the yard. Here are a few pictures of us.

The time came for my least favorite activity (eating). We ate kabob with rice and vegetables, then we had cake. Needless to say that my participation in these endeavors was (as usual) extremely limited.

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The White Pass Winter Carnival

To compensate for the lack of snow around here (we only saw it once this winter and it was gone the next day), my parents took me to White Pass. Parna, Maha, Frough and Mohammad joined us for a two-hour drive split by a lunch break. Not only we saw a lot of snow, but also a big castle. Although originally made of snow, the castle had turned into an ice castle (it was very slippery everywhere one could set foot). We played about 30 minutes around the castle, then we retired inside the cabin to drink tea and eat cookies. By the time they were getting ready to close the cabin, we got out once more to slide down the hill, then we drove back home.

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Merry Christmas

This was my third Christmas and I spent it partying. I only had Parna to play with (poor Sara and Sina were sick), but the older kids also played with us. I ate a BIG apple (and that was all I had for dinner). Of course, we opened gifts, and I made sure one of them (a book) was put to good use (I asked daddy to read it). I ended up going to bed way later than usual.

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Trick or treat 2012

The Halloween is not over just because we had a party: the most important is to go trick-or-treating. Because I was still a little sick, my parents took me to the mall instead of letting me go around the neighborhood. But that was not all: after we came back from the mall, I distributed candies to other kids who stopped by our house to trick-or treat. Here are a few pictures from the mall:

Preparations for Halloween started a while ago. At the beginning of the week I started wearing my Halloween pajama (see the first picture below). You may remember that we went to Country Mercantile to get pumpkins; well, they got carved during the weekend. The pumpkins were still going strong during the actual Halloween, as one can see from the following pictures.

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Halloween Party 2012

This morning I woke up with a runny nose and I was not in my best mood. That didn’t stop us from going to a party with a bunch of other characters (see the pictures below).

As you may have noticed, I had an Eskimo costume. You may think that I kept my hat on during the party, but the pictures are misleading. That hat was on my head for less than five minutes during the entire party. Besides the usual hanging out and eating all sorts of goodies, we had a good time dancing on “I like 2 move it”.

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Another birthday party: Sara and Sina

Sara and Sina were born about two weeks after me. Because they were born in the same day, they get to celebrate their birthdays together. The party though was almost one month after mine due to circumstances out of their control. Below are a few pictures that daddy took of them with or without their parents.

What is a birthday party without cake and blowing candles? And there is one more thing: no matter whose birthday party I go to, I have to blow the candles. Otherwise I throw a tantrum with crying and begging. Now really, is blowing a couple of candles too much to ask?

Daddy took lots of pictures of Sara and Sina and kinda neglected me. However, mommy got the camera and took a few pictures of me playing with amu Mohammad:

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A few grapes for Sara

Do you remember that I was feeding Sara a few months ago? If so, you may also remember that I was not feeding her real food. To make it up to her, I decided to feed her some grapes. They were not my grapes, I found them on a plate at a party (it was Natasha’s birthday), but nonetheless, they were very yummy. It seems that I finally gained her trust because – unlike last time – she actually ate what I offered her. With a little exception: when I filled her mouth with so many grapes that she could not chew them anymore.

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