Fox in Socks puzzle

I can consider myself a fan of Dr. Seuss because I have so many of his books in my library. Who knew that there are more means to experience Dr. Seuss? Two weeks ago I got a 24-piece Fox in Socks puzzle as a gift from khaleh Kathy. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time trying to solve it. Daddy helped at the beginning by selecting for me only 8 puzzle pieces at a time, so I would have to put together only the left side (Knox in Box), the right side (Fox in Socks), or the middle (blocks, chicks, bricks and clocks) of the puzzle. It didn’t take long for me to become a pro at solving the whole puzzle; in fact I engage in this activity every day (sometimes several times a day) and I would dare to say that solving the puzzle is my favorite activity these days.

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Putting puzzles together

It’s been a few months now since khaleh Kathy gave me a set of 2-piece puzzles and it took me a while to figure out what to do with them. At the beginning daddy made it easier for me to solve the puzzles: he used to give me only two matching halves and let me struggle with the matching mechanics. In the next phase, daddy used to give me four halves, making sure that the matching pieces were easy to identify because of the their background color. Eventually I became pretty good at this game: nowadays we spread half of the pieces on the coffee table, then I find the match for whatever other piece I pick from a pile. Below is a set of pictures showing me in the process.

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How to use a knife

Now that I know how to use the spoon and the fork, it is time to learn how to use a knife. I have a utensil set that – unlike many other sets for kids – came with a knife. This knife cannot cut anything no matter how hard you try, it is mostly a shame for all the utensils called knife. Mommy says that it doesn’t need to cut because it is a spreading knife. So here are some instructions on how to use a spreading knife:

Disclaimer: My mommy might have helped a little with spreading the cream cheese on the bread, but otherwise I did most of the work.

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Kids’ Club

The resort has a club with all sort of activities planned for the little ones. We only took advantage of it twice during the last days we were there. Actually, the last thing we did after we finished packing our luggage and before leaving the resort was to drop by the kids’ club one more time. The pictures below show me involved in some art work that was going on at the time.

There were other ways kids could have fun at the club. There were toys, beds (not for me, for the sleepyheads) and they even had a playground outside. The pictures below show me playing at this playground.

This is part of our trip to Mexico: Welcome to Gran Bahia Principe Coba | The pools | At the beach | Tulum | Chichen Itza | Gran Bahia Principe in the dark | Coba | Kids’ club

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The first stop on our road trip was in Sibiu, where we only had a few hours to eat and explore the city. Here are a few pictures with people who joined me in this adventure.

First of all we stopped to eat something at a restaurant on Balcescu Blvd. This is where I tried very hard to put caps back on the corresponding water bottles. Based on the number of pictures only, this activity must have been the most memorable during the day.

After we ate, I played with the birds in the Large Square, then we crossed into the Small Square to cross the Liars Bridge. The bridge is supposed to collapse when a liar crosses over. It looks like nobody in our party ever lied because the bridge was just fine after we crossed it. Later I relaxed to the point where I fell asleep while everybody else was having goodies at a cafe back on Balcescu Blvd. Here are a few pictures:

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