Santa brought me a bike

I recently started being aware that a white-bearded man dressed in red (Santa) brings gifts to children on Christmas. Of course, I tried to narrow his choices for my gift to a purple-and-pink bike. My parents were worried because of practical issues, like how is Santa going to bring such a big item and how will it fit under the tree. I convinced them that Santa can break the bike and leave it under the tree in little pieces, then we can put it together. Anyway, they kept warning me that Santa is always watching and knows if I behave or not; that’s one of the reasons why I finished my food more often these days.

Now, guess what I found under the tree this morning when I woke up? A disassembled purple-and-pink bike! I knew Santa could do it! I also got a Duplo set from my parents, but the bike was way more interesting. Here is a set of pictures of me with my new bike:

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Fox in Socks puzzle

I can consider myself a fan of Dr. Seuss because I have so many of his books in my library. Who knew that there are more means to experience Dr. Seuss? Two weeks ago I got a 24-piece Fox in Socks puzzle as a gift from khaleh Kathy. Since then I’ve spent a lot of time trying to solve it. Daddy helped at the beginning by selecting for me only 8 puzzle pieces at a time, so I would have to put together only the left side (Knox in Box), the right side (Fox in Socks), or the middle (blocks, chicks, bricks and clocks) of the puzzle. It didn’t take long for me to become a pro at solving the whole puzzle; in fact I engage in this activity every day (sometimes several times a day) and I would dare to say that solving the puzzle is my favorite activity these days.

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Putting puzzles together

It’s been a few months now since khaleh Kathy gave me a set of 2-piece puzzles and it took me a while to figure out what to do with them. At the beginning daddy made it easier for me to solve the puzzles: he used to give me only two matching halves and let me struggle with the matching mechanics. In the next phase, daddy used to give me four halves, making sure that the matching pieces were easy to identify because of the their background color. Eventually I became pretty good at this game: nowadays we spread half of the pieces on the coffee table, then I find the match for whatever other piece I pick from a pile. Below is a set of pictures showing me in the process.

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The pools

We spent quite a while in the pools, so dedicating one post to them seems appropriate. The resort has two pools: a “quiet” pool and an “activity” pool. We started at the quiet pool because it was closer to our room, but we also spent time in the activity pool. Going up-and-down the stairs is one of my favorite activities, so guess what I did as soon as I discovered stairs going in the pool?

While daddy was taking these pictures, mommy was right next to me making sure that I don’t fall (she even helped me float in the water). Here are some more activities supervised by mommy:

Daddy was more involved in other types of activities, like jumping in the water and taking me to the deeper side of the pools. Here you can see him in action:

Toys were an important part of the pool experience. I made friends who had different (and more interesting) toys than mine and (luckily), they were willing to share. Here I am playing in the quiet pool

Here are a few pictures of me playing with my toys in the activity pool:

And just a few more random pictures:

This is part of our trip to Mexico: Welcome to Gran Bahia Principe Coba | The pools | At the beach | Tulum | Chichen Itza | Gran Bahia Principe in the dark | Coba | Kids’ club

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I sing the whole ABC song

Today is the one month anniversary of the day when I started singing the ABC song (not bad for a 17 month-old baby, right?). I started by skipping a few letters and mumbling others, but I eventually learned the whole thing. You may wonder how was that even possible?

The pictures below show me playing with my musical table, which is one of the reasons why I learned the song so early (another reason can be tracked back to the games I played with my parents). Among the many noise-producing devices, the table has a train track (see where I am pointing in the third picture), where all the letters from A to Z are lined up. This is where my parents point to the corresponding letters while the musical table sings the song. And this is where I randomly point at letters while the musical table sings the song.

I must add that a little locomotive can go around the tracks, but it was not present for the pictures. I know: mediocre picture-taking planning, as usual. Those curious to see my locomotive, can still see it here.

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My new barn

Today I got a new barn toy, which is way more than just a place to keep my toy animals that came with it. I can open the door, place the animals inside (or take them out), then close the door. Each animal stands on a different shape, which can be sorted in front of the door. It also has a letter sorter (for the first four letters of the alphabet) on the roof. To aid the sorting, the colors of the shapes and the letters match those of the sorter holes. But wait, there’s more: spinning birds, tumbler on the right side of the barn and a clock on the left side. This is going to be a lot of fun!

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I say “happy”

Ok, where shall we start? Right after I woke up (and ate, of course), daddy put together the walker I got for my birthday. As one can notice in the pictures below, a symbiotic relationship seems to evolve here.

Then my aunt Roslyn came to see us before we take off to Romania. It was very nice of her to bring me a birthday gift. The pictures below show me playing with my new Whirl ‘n Tumble Elephant.

Now let’s finally get to the title of this post. Who wouldn’t be happy to get so many cool toys to play with? I know I am. And I even say it. Well, I just respond “hap” every time mommy or daddy ask me whether I am happy. This is my first word ever!

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I am nine-month old

Maman-bozorg, baba-bozorg, and khaleh Vida will not be with me when I turn one (three months from now). This is why they decided to celebrate my nine-month birthday with cake and gifts. Here are a few pictures with family and cake.

After all those formal pictures, we started opening gifts. Khaleh Vida gave me a house that makes all kind of noises, plus some people around the house who introduce themselves. From maman-bozorg and baba-bozorg I got this musical table that also makes all kind of noises and plays different songs.

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