Getting out of the toy basket

Climbing inside my toy basket is easy-peasy. Getting out of the toy basket is a little more complicated because I can’t always find secure three-point support for three out of my four limbs. Most of the time I can request help from somebody to get out of the toy basket, but every once in a while I try to do it myself. Here is one of these cases, where you can see what struggle I have to go through. It’s almost not worth getting out of the toy basket.

One foot is out Getting the other one out is more of a challenge It is very easy to lose your balance It may be confusing... ... but it is all good after crying a little

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Taking over the toy basket

Since most toys are pretty much useless, I decided to find a better use for my cute red toy basket (which you may remember from a different post). Today I explored one of many possibilities, which is climbing in and out of it. My parents really thought that I would end up falling and hurting myself during this exercise. My daddy made sure that I was in full control before he started documenting the process. Check out the pictures below for step-by-step instructions on getting into your toy basket.

Carefully approach the basket Bend down and grab the sides Lift one of your feet Place the foot inside Redistribute your weight
Get your other foot inside Now you can sit down and relax... ... after you empty the basket

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The string theory

The hypothesis for my string theory states that – no matter how sophisticated my toys are – I prefer to play with the simplest things I can find. The demonstration comes as a set of pictures, which show that I choose to play with a string despite the fact that I am surrounded by all kinds of other toys. The proof makes sense to me, but I am afraid I am thinking inside the box, so please let me know if you see any particular case that I may have missed.

Tasting one end of the string Testing how well the string bends Tasting the other end of the string Making sure that the middle doesn't taste any different Looking for any possible connection with the string theory

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