Santa brought me a bike

I recently started being aware that a white-bearded man dressed in red (Santa) brings gifts to children on Christmas. Of course, I tried to narrow his choices for my gift to a purple-and-pink bike. My parents were worried because of practical issues, like how is Santa going to bring such a big item and how will it fit under the tree. I convinced them that Santa can break the bike and leave it under the tree in little pieces, then we can put it together. Anyway, they kept warning me that Santa is always watching and knows if I behave or not; that’s one of the reasons why I finished my food more often these days.

Now, guess what I found under the tree this morning when I woke up? A disassembled purple-and-pink bike! I knew Santa could do it! I also got a Duplo set from my parents, but the bike was way more interesting. Here is a set of pictures of me with my new bike:

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