Biking again

Remember how I used to go biking? Well, there is another way: it was my 19-month birthday today and my parents gave me an amazing gift! A tricycle! Daddy put it together, but I constantly helped and supervised him, as you can see in the pictures below.

Guess what, now I don’t need my parents to haul the trailer, I can go biking by myself! That’s exactly what I did just a few mninutes after my tricycle was fully assembled. I wasn’t quite by myself because my parents wanted to tag along, which I graciously allowed.

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I will sleep no more

I decided that life is too short and interesting to sleep through parts of it. It is more than a week now that I refuse to take my naps during the day: even if I sleep I only sleep for an hour or so. I complain very vigorously when my parents put me in bed at night. Today I made it especially clear that I don’t need sleep anymore and you can judge for yourself by looking at the pictures below.

I am just resting my head Believe me - my eyes are not closed

In unrelated news, earlier today (in the morning) we went for a bike ride with mommy hauling my trailer and daddy on his roller blades. In this arrangement, daddy was able to capture my involvement in previously undocumented activities. You may think that there isn’t much for me to do in the trailer, but I keep myself busy: I chew on the straps, I stomp my feet, I make different faces or I talk/scream out of excitement. Today I was also involved in a more physically challenging activity: trying to enlarge the trailer.

Can you spell EXCITEMENT? Mommy hauling the trailer Enlarging the trailer width Same activity, different angle Making faces

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My first bike ride

You may think that a little baby like me cannot ride a bike and you are perfectly right. Still, it counts as a bike ride if you have a bike trailer and somebody willing to haul it. My parents bought a Wike Moonlite trailer and they were really impatient to try it. They secured me with the straps and closed the screen to keep the bugs out (they also mentioned something about keeping the bug in, but I have no clue what bug they were talking about). Then daddy hooked up the trailer to his bike and we were gone in no time. We went all the way to the Badger Mountain Park. By the time we made it back home I was really-really tired and I slept like a baby.

Comfortably installed in my trailer Protected from bugs Excited and ready to go Chilling Daddy gets the credit for hauling the trailer

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