I am sliding

Today I got to ride again from home to the Badger Mountain Park in my bike trailer. As you may expect, I continued exploring the play sets and I concluded that the slides are some of their most interesting features. This was not my first time sliding as much as the first time when my skills got thoroughly documented. Let’s start with getting to the top of the slide. The easy way would be to use the stairs, but I chose a more challenging path, shown in the pictures below.

The work is not over once you get to the top, but after you sit down you can reward yourself by letting go. All the potential energy you gained with hard work (see the pictures above) is wasted in a matter of seconds. Then you can start all over again.

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How to climb on the coffee table

The coffee table was one of those things that I always wanted to climb on top of, but my attempts so far have been unsuccessful. My parents never helped me, even though they keep supporting my efforts to climb on the couch (which is right next to the coffee table). Now let’s move to the good news: I figured out how to climb on the coffee table by myself. Surprisingly, daddy had his camera ready to take pictures of my first attempt, so I was able to put together the tutorial below.

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Baby in the hat

The title doesn’t rhyme as nicely as “Cat in the hat” and the story is also pretty different from that in Dr. Seuss’ book. The story is related to the coffee container that my parents use to store some of my toys (the same one that I frequently use as a hat) and to my efforts to climb inside and on top of everything. Now close your eyes and imagine me trying to get inside the coffee container over and over again. If your eyes are still open it is actually easier to just check out the pictures below.

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