One thing missing from our house is a bridge. Once I noticed this obvious deficiency I sprang into action and built one between the couch and the coffee table. Looking back into my past, somebody must have seen this coming. It was a temporary structure and not as useful as a regular bridge, but nobody can ever claim that our house has never had a bridge.

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Feet up!

My parents don’t let me climb on the coffee table anymore, citing ridiculous safety concerns. Thus, I have to trick them into believing that I don’t climb on the coffee table, while – in fact – I do climb on the coffee table. Here are a few pictures showing that I still do whatever I want despite all sort of interdictions.

Now that we started talking about getting my feet off the ground, I will remind you that I can raise my feet up while I support my body weight with my hands. Here is a new set of pictures showing that I can raise my feet way higher than I was able to. It’s all about repeating the same thing over and over again until you become an expert.

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How to climb on the coffee table

The coffee table was one of those things that I always wanted to climb on top of, but my attempts so far have been unsuccessful. My parents never helped me, even though they keep supporting my efforts to climb on the couch (which is right next to the coffee table). Now let’s move to the good news: I figured out how to climb on the coffee table by myself. Surprisingly, daddy had his camera ready to take pictures of my first attempt, so I was able to put together the tutorial below.

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