One thing missing from our house is a bridge. Once I noticed this obvious deficiency I sprang into action and built one between the couch and the coffee table. Looking back into my past, somebody must have seen this coming. It was a temporary structure and not as useful as a regular bridge, but nobody can ever claim that our house has never had a bridge.

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I can climb on the couch

I cannot do it all by myself, but if I get a little help (for example my mommy’s leg strategically placed next to the couch), I get to a more manageable height. Once I get one of my knees on the couch, the other one follows very quickly. After that I am on the couch for all practical purposes and I can focus on other activities.

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I am so French!

My mommy is Iranian, my daddy is Romanian, but I can be so French. Just look at me wearing my mommy’s hat!

C'est moi Je suis timide Que le spectacle commence C'est si amusant Qu'est-ce que le goût?

After I stopped pretending to be French, I studied again the irreversible transition between stable states. Intermediate states are quite difficult to maintain, especially after you get beyond the point of no return.

Leaning to the right It's going to be difficult to get back This couch has an interesting texture It is hard to maintain this position Here we go - this is way easier

While sitting I noticed daddy’s foot appearing from underneath the couch, then disappearing. Because this happened several times, I started thinking where daddy’s foot could possibly go when it was out of my eyesight. This and similarly unexpected events are still under investigation.

I saw it - where did it go now? I knew it couldn't disappear Ok - where is it now? It must be hiding somewhere Did it really disappear?

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More tummy time

I am more and more willing to spend time on my tummy, especially if I can find something interesting to do. A rattle or a colorful object can distract me for some time, helping me to exercise my back muscles. As my back muscles become stronger, I can spend even more time on my tummy. Isn’t positive feedback awesome?

Shall I play with you or not? I got you! I can catch you again! Told ya! Time for a thorough analysis
The teether is yummy I can dream with my eyes open How about a new challenge? Not too many opportunities here Time for a thorough analysis

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