Enjoying the park

I love bark because it helps me develop my fine motor skills. I can play with bark for almost a minute before I try to taste it. Once I got a piece of bark in my mouth, then my parents tortured me for several minutes until I finally opened my mouth and gave it up. I also like crawling on bark – maybe I should request a surface like this at home instead of tile or carpet.

I like playing with bark, ... ... even though I am not allowed to eat it I will try somewhere else I will cover myself with bark I'm on the move again

Another thing I love is walking. I would walk all day long if my parents would provide me with the support I deserve. Unlike in other occasions (when they try to convince me to play with my toys every once in a while), I got a lot of support in the park. I walked on the sidewalk, on bark, and – most interestingly – up and down the curbs.

Walking on the sidewalk Walking on bark I can walk pretty fast It is hard going up this curb This was easier

Before we called it a day, I also checked out the play set they have in the park. Now it would be quite dangerous, but one day I will be old enough to play there. So I must make sure that they installed everything I need to have a good time.

On the bridge On the platform There is a slide behind me Peekaboo Exploration complete

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Getting up

You have probably seen me standing here or here. My parents were terrified by the idea that my new degree of freedom might result in me falling and hurting myself. Every time I would try to get up, somebody would be around me to dampen a foreseeable fall (mostly to protect my head). But after I got better at pulling myself up, they also relaxed and stopped religiously following me around the room. They even managed to document my new skill in this set of pictures.

I heard the call On the move I am not hiding I will stand in no time I found a toy on my way here

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With my knees off the ground

I don’t need to be upset to get on my four anymore, I just need a little excitement. Besides that, I started leaping by getting my knees off the ground and pushing with my feet. I cannot control very well how and where I land, but that’s not my problem – I let mommy worry about such insignificant details. What matters is that I move toward my objective and I move fast.

Before a big leap After a big leap How do you think I did it? Watch my knees! After another big leap

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On my four

Sometimes I get pretty upset and I need to do something about it. I used to simply cry, but now I emphasize my irritation by also getting up on my four. I am still a little wobbly and I barely crawl in this position, but it is just a matter of time until I move on. This is not the first time I got on my four, it is the first time daddy had the camera handy to take pictures of me. He used to be torn between helping me with my unformulated problem and documenting the new milestone. So far he had chosen the former, now he chose the latter.

Can you tell something is bothering me? Let me breathe a little Please help me

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Crawling like a Navy Seal

Because Navy Seals have got a lot of good press recently, I decided that a few of their techniques may help my early development. One of the most important techniques is crawling, which I started to practice for a couple of days now (more or less successfully). What people need to understand is that I am not going to crawl just for the sake of crawling: I need a worthy objective. A toy I can get whenever I want with no effort whatsoever does not qualify as worthy objective. I need something that I am not usually allowed to play with, for example a remote control. The pictures below illustrate a few techniques that I will soon master at an exceptional level.

Identifying the objective Pretending to be distracted by something else Pretending to be some sort of bird Warming up with a couple of push-ups: up, ... ... down, ...
... up again, ... ... down and refocusing on the objective Keeping a low profile while closing in on the objective Using rolling as a distracting technique In the middle of the rolling technique
Swiftly reaching the objective Securing the objective Another rolling procedure in search for cover Verifying the objective's authenticity Finding cover after one more rolling procedure

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