I eat yogurt

This is not exactly news because I eat yogurt for quite a while. I also eat yogurt by myself for a while, so that’s not news either. There’s really no news, it’s just that daddy took some pictures while I was eating yogurt by myself. I don’t think the pictures are particularly funny – is there anything funny about a baby getting messy while eating? To me that’s perfectly normal. But my daddy thinks they are funny. I bet that cleaning up afterwards was not that funny.

I eat yogurt from the cup Ok, I am mostly playing with the cup Now I eat all the yogurt... ... and now I am done... ... see? No more yogurt left

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Drinking from a cup

After I ate my (1/4) apple with (1/2) banana, my mommy offered me water from a cup. I usually drink only milk from my bottle, so this was definitely a new experience. I am not very efficient at drinking from a cup for several reasons: (1) some water runs around my mouth because I cannot control its level, (2) I would rather lick/chew the cup, (3) I must check what’s inside the cup, (4) it’s much more fun playing with the cup than drinking water from it.

Holding tight to the cup Manual check of the cup Let me lick the cup With a water collection device under my chin Thank you, mommy

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