Handling pots and lids

When you are a baby your mission is to find open drawers and cabinets and take everything out of them. After I enacted my open door policy, some cabinet doors became impossible to open. Fortunately, some cabinets can be open at pretty much any time. For example, I can still open the cabinet where I first practiced opening and closing the doors. This cabinet is full of pots and lids, which make wonderful toys. The pictures below offer a glimpse at a few busy hours dealing with those pots and their lids.

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The closed door policy

Now that other doors come within reach, I must ammend the open door policy (that I enacted a few months ago) to apply to cabinet doors only. For the regular doors, I will have a new policy stating that I can close any open door if I decide to. I will not simply close a door just because it is open. However, if I find any reason to close a door, that door will be closed. The door is always easier to close from one side (you just slam it). Closing the door from the opposite side is a little bit more difficult because you have to pull it. The pictures below demonstrate that you can close a door easily if you are tall enough to reach the handle.

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Showing daddy the door

I started saying “door” less than a week ago, on December 11. Among the different ways of pronouncing the word – ‘do:(r)’ – I decided to go with the Boston accent – ‘do:’. This decision might be related to the fact that I am not able to roll the r at this time. Do I know what the word means? You betcha. For example, if daddy asks “Where is the door?”, I happily point toward the closest door. When daddy picks me up and walks around the house pointing at doors asking “What is this?”, I proudly answer ‘do:’. It gets a little confusing when he points at other things. Sometimes I answer with an inertial and somehow uncertain ‘do:’ and sometimes I just give him that look that says “Do you think I know everything?”.

Where is the door? That's a door I am right, am I not? Please tell me that I am right ‘do:’

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The open door policy

This is my new policy stating that doors cannot stay closed. Moreover, whatever would be discovered behind closed doors, must be taken out and examined for potential closed door stress disorder. The pictures below show me opening a cabinet door and saving some poor pots that were locked up for a long time (nobody knows how long). There are still doors that I cannot open, so it would be fair to say that only several doors abide by my new policy. However, as I grow and learn important skills (like opening other types of doors), I will be more and more able to enforce it.

You have to pull the handle Once the door is open... ... you can try to close it, ... ... or you can do research on things you find. It's impressive how many things you can find

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