I say “snow”

This morning I woke up to see that everything outside was covered in white. I pointed to something generic outside, asking “ahe?”. Daddy answered “snow”, so I concluded that this is how the white stuff is called. I cannot pronounce the word as ‘snou’, but I immediately threw the word back at him as ‘nou’. I happily pointed outside repeating ‘nou’ throughout the day.

But wait, there’s more. Daddy came from work earlier than usual and I got to go outside. It was snowing last time when I got out in the snow, but there wasn’t really much snow on the ground. This time the layer of snow was so thick that walking was kinda scary (almost as scary as walking on sand). Actually, I couldn’t even walk because the snow layer was so thick (once I even fell and I requested a rescue team to get me out of the snow). That’s why I was very critical of my parents’ attempts to let me walk in the snow and why they had to hold me most of the time.

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Getting out of the toy basket

Climbing inside my toy basket is easy-peasy. Getting out of the toy basket is a little more complicated because I can’t always find secure three-point support for three out of my four limbs. Most of the time I can request help from somebody to get out of the toy basket, but every once in a while I try to do it myself. Here is one of these cases, where you can see what struggle I have to go through. It’s almost not worth getting out of the toy basket.

One foot is out Getting the other one out is more of a challenge It is very easy to lose your balance It may be confusing... ... but it is all good after crying a little

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A few days ago I started climbing inside my toy basket and I keep practicing my new skill every day. Today I was thinking to bring it up a notch and climb on something more challenging: for example my musical table. I first climbed on this same table yesterday, but daddy didn’t have his camera ready. Below is a ste-by-step tutorial on how to climb on the table, followed by a warning that you may fall. Don’t worry about my fall, I was fine, really. Actually, after I fell, I got back on my feet and climbed up and down a couple of times.

I must insert a disclaimer here, stating that you babies out there who read this blog and try to repeat what I am doing, do so at your own risk. Before you attempt climbing on anything, ask your parents if it is wise to do so.

Put one knee on the table Lift the other foot Victorious You may lose your balance... ... and fall all the way down

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My first birthday party

I can’t believe it’s already been one year since I was born. Since my birthday was on Thursday (and most people don’t really party in the middle of the week), my birthday party had to wait for a couple of days. It was a sort of surprise party: the house was nicely decorated when I woke up from my afternoon nap. After all the guests arrived, daddy got my handprint (despite all my efforts to avoid this step). After dinner I fell from the high chair and I hit the floor with my head and my nose (my daddy removed the tray without remembering that – for the first time – he hadn’t buckled me). Of course I cried with big tears, then my nose turned red and I got a bump on my head. Eventually we ate some cake and opened presents.

There are two sets of pictures below: one in a photojournalistic style and one with formal pictures. Enjoy!

Handprints hurt Having dinner My cake I got presents Walking around
With mommy With mommy and daddy With mommy, daddy and the cakes With all the kids With everybody

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I can sit

I am sure you saw me sitting before, but that was with support. Today was the first time when I sat with no support whatsoever. I even lost my balance a few times just to regain it by myself. To be completely honest, I fell on my back several times and I needed help to get back. These embarrasing events explain why there is a pillow strategically placed behind me. But still, this is quite an achievement considering that I am just a baby. I would like to dedicate this achievement to buni, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday, buni!

Getting a taste of the rattle The rattle cannot hide Shaking the rattle with my left hand Shaking the rattle with my right hand Rattle transfer between the left and right hands
The cube is harder to handle Getting the taste of another rattle Rattle transfer between the right and left hands Shaking with the right hand Shaking with the left hand
I will use this look more often Look at me when I am talking to you! I wonder if birds taste good I still lose my balance from time to time I don't really mind playing in this position

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