Happy Valentine’s Day!

Daddy brought home some flowers for his ladies and he gave me one to carry around the house. Since we are talking about flowers, I must announce that I can say “flowers” for three weeks now. I use the word while pointing at the flowers on my clothes or at pictures of flowers in books. The last picture below shows me identifying a flower in one frame hanging on the wall in the bathroom. Because it is Valentine’s day, I also have to mention that I can say “I love you”. I pronunce it as ‘ai lav u:’ instead of ‘ai lav iu:’ and it makes my parents so happy that it doesn’t really matter whether I know what it means or not.

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My first hike

After too many cold and/or rainy weekends, the good weather finally hit Richland. Daddy planned a hike on the Badger Mountain trail for early afternoon, right after my morning nap. We drove to the Badger Mountain trailhead at 1PM, then we started going up the mountain. The hill was still green and I saw a lot of wild flowers. Mommy was worried that I would get burned by the sun (I did not go outside too many times), so daddy held a blanket to protect me from direct sunlight. Mommy was also worried about the wind, so I got a hat on my head very early in the hike. We did not get on top of the mountain because it was getting late and my parents thought I would get too hungry and too tired. When we got back at the trailhead, I got to swing again.

At the bottom of Badger Mountain I like flowers On the trail with mommy and daddy I got a hat because it was pretty windy With the city in the background
More protection from wind The three of us with the city in the background The Little Badger is on my left On the swing Still on the swing

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