Same me with a different hat

You already know that I get quite messy when people let me play with food. Now guess what can happen when people let me play with a bowl of yogurt. Of course, I try to use it as a hat. Mommy was too slow in her attempt to stop me and I understand that because I act very quickly. However, I don’t understand why she took the camera to take pictures of me. Wasn’t she supposed to get the bowl from me and clean me up? What kind of parenting is this?

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I can put my hat on

One of my assignments as a baby is learning how to put a hat on. Wearing a hat is easy as long as I want it on my head: if I don’t want it, I take it off right away. For a while now I am able to put on my head things resembling hats if they are made of harder materials. Here is just another example of me using a cylindrical container as a hat.

This is another type of hat... ... that I keep putting on This is my favorite pose with this hat Time to take the hat off,... which is more difficult than it looks

Practice showed that the real hats – made of cloth – are a little bit more difficult to handle. But not anymore: the pictures below demonstrate that I am able to put my doll’s hat on my head.

This is my doll's hat... ... and I am going to put it on One ear is covered I am ready to go Better look after minor adjustments

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I say “hat”

It is almost two weeks since I showed mommy a hat in a picture book and more than two weeks since I started saying “hat”. I pronounce it with a little bit of French accent: silent “h”, followed by “at”. I know that the word is used for something people put on their heads. Pretty much anything. For example, a tower from my castle became a temporary hat for me, daddy and mommy, as one can see in the pictures below. As a side note, the hat falling on the carpet was extremely funny and I laughed a lot. The same thing suddenly stopped being amusing immediately after mommy started recording me.

Daddy asked me to put the hat on his head Request almost fulfilled Dad in the hat But wait, there's more Baby in the hat

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I am so French!

My mommy is Iranian, my daddy is Romanian, but I can be so French. Just look at me wearing my mommy’s hat!

C'est moi Je suis timide Que le spectacle commence C'est si amusant Qu'est-ce que le goût?

After I stopped pretending to be French, I studied again the irreversible transition between stable states. Intermediate states are quite difficult to maintain, especially after you get beyond the point of no return.

Leaning to the right It's going to be difficult to get back This couch has an interesting texture It is hard to maintain this position Here we go - this is way easier

While sitting I noticed daddy’s foot appearing from underneath the couch, then disappearing. Because this happened several times, I started thinking where daddy’s foot could possibly go when it was out of my eyesight. This and similarly unexpected events are still under investigation.

I saw it - where did it go now? I knew it couldn't disappear Ok - where is it now? It must be hiding somewhere Did it really disappear?

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