National Museum of American History

I finally finished the section about the wars the Americans were involved in. The name of the section is amazingly propagandistic: “The price of freedom”. Last time I finished visiting up to the Civil War (chronologically), it was time to see what was the price of freedom during the modern wars. The section on the WW1 was practically non-existent, but I learned a lot about WW2. Regarding the Vietnam war, I recently saw a (highly recommended) documentary called The Fog of War, which re-examines Robert McNamara’s (former US Secretary of Defence) actions and reasoning. There was a piece of Berlin Wall in the museum, which reminded me of the good’ol’days when US was seen positively in Europe. Soon the museum will need to expand to include a little more about the second Iraq war. Now they just have a panel saying that the war is controversial.

Chairs essential for the end of the civil war You can test your ability to build planes Souvenir from Vietnam A piece from the Berlin wall

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