Stuff I do on high chair

The high chair is a very important thing in my life right now. Besides sitting on it while eating, I also use it for entertainment. Whenever I want to have fun on the high chair, I have to ask my parents to move it on the carpet (they wouldn’t let me play with it on the kitchen tiles). I express my intent by saying “high chair” while pointing at it, then saying “carpet” while pointing toward the living room. That’s pretty much everything I have to do and the high chair gets moved on the carpet and lowered so I can climb on it. The pictures below are supposed to show you how I spend my time on the high chair after that.

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My parents do silly things like covering their eyes with their hands, then removing their hands to say “Peekaboo!”. I found this amusing for a while, but I soon realized that they were still in front of me even when they had their eyes covered. I decided to teach them how to really hide and then surprise them by suddenly reappearing. For this purpose, I used a blanket that happened to be handy. I think it worked great because:

  • they were wondering aloud “Where is the baby?” every time I was hiding and
  • they were very excited to see me again when I was removing the blanket.
Daddy doesn't know where I am Now I let daddy see me I am hiding again Don't worry, daddy, I am still here Does it work better if I use both hands?
I am invisible again I am just playing with you Daddy, can you see me? Peekaboo! I can go like this forever

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