Waking up is a process

When my parents hear me in the morning, they never know where I am in this process. Sometimes I wake up and I start playing and talking to my toys (except when I have something really important to say and I talk to myself). Needless to say that this is my parents’ favorite, but I don’t want to spoil them too often. Most often I get up and I start nagging. When my parents come to my room they find me standing up and ready to go. Sometimes I partially wake up, I nag a little then I fall back asleep. When they come to my room they find me sleeping (and they probably wish they didn’t wake up). This is what happened today and you can see the entire waking up process in the pictures below.

Sleeping with my behind up in the air I am still half asleep Let's stretch a little It's time to get up You take pictures again? Where is my milk?

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Organizing a drawer

While taking a tour of the master bedroom, I opened a drawer to check out what’s inside. I didn’t really like how it was organized, so I got to work right away. I took everything out piece by piece, placing each item carefully in a pile on the floor. I have extensive experience with this kind of activity – see for example how I check out books from my library. I declared myself satisfied with the way everything was organized only after the drawer was empty. All this work got me a little tired, so I sat down meditating about the implications of the string theory.

Opening the drawer This should come out of the drawer This should come out of the drawer, too Pretty much everything has to come out of the drawer There's still some stuff left in the drawer
Testing the string theory

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Getting ready to go fishing

Some of the most important things you need when you go fishing are the fishing pole and the experience in handling it. I can get some experience handling things resembling fishing poles even before I get a real fishing pole. As you can see from the pictures below, the arm that used to hold the mobile above my crib is an excellent candidate not only for a fishing pole, but for other real-life applications.

This mobile arm will be my fishing pole A fishing pole must be flexible ... ... and long This is how you hold the pole when you fish... ... and when you pull the fish out of the water
This may serve me well as fishing pole... ... because I can bring the fish very close to my mouth But I can also use it as a whip, ... ... hockey stick, ... ... or as a ninja weapon

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The string theory

The hypothesis for my string theory states that – no matter how sophisticated my toys are – I prefer to play with the simplest things I can find. The demonstration comes as a set of pictures, which show that I choose to play with a string despite the fact that I am surrounded by all kinds of other toys. The proof makes sense to me, but I am afraid I am thinking inside the box, so please let me know if you see any particular case that I may have missed.

Tasting one end of the string Testing how well the string bends Tasting the other end of the string Making sure that the middle doesn't taste any different Looking for any possible connection with the string theory

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I can sit

I am sure you saw me sitting before, but that was with support. Today was the first time when I sat with no support whatsoever. I even lost my balance a few times just to regain it by myself. To be completely honest, I fell on my back several times and I needed help to get back. These embarrasing events explain why there is a pillow strategically placed behind me. But still, this is quite an achievement considering that I am just a baby. I would like to dedicate this achievement to buni, whose birthday is today. Happy birthday, buni!

Getting a taste of the rattle The rattle cannot hide Shaking the rattle with my left hand Shaking the rattle with my right hand Rattle transfer between the left and right hands
The cube is harder to handle Getting the taste of another rattle Rattle transfer between the right and left hands Shaking with the right hand Shaking with the left hand
I will use this look more often Look at me when I am talking to you! I wonder if birds taste good I still lose my balance from time to time I don't really mind playing in this position

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I am so French!

My mommy is Iranian, my daddy is Romanian, but I can be so French. Just look at me wearing my mommy’s hat!

C'est moi Je suis timide Que le spectacle commence C'est si amusant Qu'est-ce que le goût?

After I stopped pretending to be French, I studied again the irreversible transition between stable states. Intermediate states are quite difficult to maintain, especially after you get beyond the point of no return.

Leaning to the right It's going to be difficult to get back This couch has an interesting texture It is hard to maintain this position Here we go - this is way easier

While sitting I noticed daddy’s foot appearing from underneath the couch, then disappearing. Because this happened several times, I started thinking where daddy’s foot could possibly go when it was out of my eyesight. This and similarly unexpected events are still under investigation.

I saw it - where did it go now? I knew it couldn't disappear Ok - where is it now? It must be hiding somewhere Did it really disappear?

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Reversible and irreversible processes

I will illustrate these concepts with simple life experiences. Let’s consider for example, flipping through the pages of a book. You flip a page forward, then you flip the page back, now that’s a reversible process.

This book does look a little strange, doesn't it? The page does not push back Is there a preferred direction to flip pages? Who said that books don't taste good? I am so done with this book!

Let’s now consider that you are sitting down, then you decide to bend sideways. Sometimes you can make it back if you don’t bend too much. That’s reversible. However, once you made it beyond the point of no return, that’s an irreversible process. You simply have to accept your new state and make the best out of it.

Now I am going to bend sideways I can bend even more I may be stuck here... I can try using my hand to get up I have a pretty good view from here after all

After going from one state to another through an irreversible process, you may find out that the new state is less comfortable. This is when you complain and/or ask for help – usually the parents can get you back into your original state. However, because the parents act as exterior forces, the process still counts as irreversible.

Where was I sitting? Tummy time is not that bad Ok, now what? Can you drop the camera and help me? You don't want me to start complaining

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More tummy time

I am more and more willing to spend time on my tummy, especially if I can find something interesting to do. A rattle or a colorful object can distract me for some time, helping me to exercise my back muscles. As my back muscles become stronger, I can spend even more time on my tummy. Isn’t positive feedback awesome?

Shall I play with you or not? I got you! I can catch you again! Told ya! Time for a thorough analysis
The teether is yummy I can dream with my eyes open How about a new challenge? Not too many opportunities here Time for a thorough analysis

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