Flexible sleep

Is it too much if I ask my parents to be more flexible with my sleeping schedule? Sometimes I don’t feel like sleeping, I would rather spend more time playing and exploring. But they keep ruining my mood by putting me to bed at the most inconvenient time. I express my complete lack of satisfaction every time I don’t feel like sleeping, but I cannot claim I achieved anything so far. To teach them how to be more flexible, I am showing myself some flexibility: see for example the picture below (where – you may not believe, but I am actually sleeping).

I really don't need sleep

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Waking up is a process

When my parents hear me in the morning, they never know where I am in this process. Sometimes I wake up and I start playing and talking to my toys (except when I have something really important to say and I talk to myself). Needless to say that this is my parents’ favorite, but I don’t want to spoil them too often. Most often I get up and I start nagging. When my parents come to my room they find me standing up and ready to go. Sometimes I partially wake up, I nag a little then I fall back asleep. When they come to my room they find me sleeping (and they probably wish they didn’t wake up). This is what happened today and you can see the entire waking up process in the pictures below.

Sleeping with my behind up in the air I am still half asleep Let's stretch a little It's time to get up You take pictures again? Where is my milk?

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Play buddies

Today was one of those days when we stopped in the park to take a look around. We saw the water splash area: they turn on the water only when it gets hot (usually later in the day). I met some other baby and – as usual – I got very excited.

In mommy's arms Water splash area Water splash area Checking out the play yard Overwhelming the other baby

The pictures below tell the story of our ride to the park , with mommy hauling my trailer and daddy on his roller blades. Sometimes I get very excited during the ride, sometimes I am just chilling. Sometimes I pay attention to what happens outside the trailer, sometimes I am too busy chewing on the straps.

I like this Thinking about stuff Don't you ever get tired of taking pictures? Chilling with my feet up Sleeping in my car seat

The last picture above shows me asleep while we were on our way to my twin friends Sara and Sina. We ate, we played, we even watched some cartoons on TV. Sara knows how to walk around by holding onto furniture. She doesn’t really care if there are obstacles in front of her: she simply uses them as extensions of the furniture. At some point I was one of those obstacles and let’s just say that it wasn’t pretty (I even cried a little).

Hey, Sara, look at me! Watching cartoons Playing with Sina Sara doesn't care about obstacles With mommy and daddy

Before we went home we took a walk around a little lake next to a golf course.

The kids With the lake in the background In the gazebo

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I will sleep no more

I decided that life is too short and interesting to sleep through parts of it. It is more than a week now that I refuse to take my naps during the day: even if I sleep I only sleep for an hour or so. I complain very vigorously when my parents put me in bed at night. Today I made it especially clear that I don’t need sleep anymore and you can judge for yourself by looking at the pictures below.

I am just resting my head Believe me - my eyes are not closed

In unrelated news, earlier today (in the morning) we went for a bike ride with mommy hauling my trailer and daddy on his roller blades. In this arrangement, daddy was able to capture my involvement in previously undocumented activities. You may think that there isn’t much for me to do in the trailer, but I keep myself busy: I chew on the straps, I stomp my feet, I make different faces or I talk/scream out of excitement. Today I was also involved in a more physically challenging activity: trying to enlarge the trailer.

Can you spell EXCITEMENT? Mommy hauling the trailer Enlarging the trailer width Same activity, different angle Making faces

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Long eyelashes

People who do not believe that I have long eyelashes, can convince themselves by looking at the first picture. Daddy worked hard to get the eyelashes in a good light and in focus. The second picture does not show my eyelashes, but it does show my smile after a good meal. At this age I only smile while I sleep, so you can bet I fell asleep pretty fast after I finished eating.

My long eyelashes Smiling after a good meal

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My first photo session

The last few days were terrible for everybody. My parents are really tired because they keep waking up to feed me. They are not sure what I want / need, even though I don’t need much (food, sleep, diaper change) and I try to make it as clear as possible every time. They clearly need to work on their communication skills. After things settled somehow, my daddy found the opportunity to take a few pictures of me in natural light. A photo session is definitely better if the flash doesn’t keep shining into your eyes.

As you can see from the pictures below, I sleep quite a bit and I don’t really care if I sleep in somebody’s arms or in my basket. But I do a few more things besides eating, pooping and sleeping. My daddy got a few pictures of me trying to grab my fingers with my lips, smiling and daydreaming.

Sleeping in buni's arms Sleeping in my basket Using my lips to grab my fingers A little smile for a sweet dream Preoccupied by what future can bring

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